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  • InternacionalMarketing

  • China at your fingertips

  • High quality products

  • Global International logistics

  • comercial assistance

    We support the customer in China and provide support in the visa process, as well as purchase tickets.

  • Quality control

    Physical inspection and documentary directly in China to endorse the correct operation of the company.

  • shopping agency

    By the application’s customer, we verify that both the product and the company are sure of your business.

  • international logistics

    We offer services to follow shipments, purchases consolidation and documents management for easy import.


Our goal: to make the import and negotiation processes more easy and safer

SINOMAG LIMITED is a company run by a professional team trained in all areas of the international trading, in order to advise and to provide efficient solutions to our customers in buying their products and the offering of professional logistics tasks for their foreign trade operations.

Our management has experience since 1997 in international trade and logistics by advising our clients in solutions and services necessary for the location and trading of products from ASIA. From there the idea of creating SINOMAG, getting to meet this goal in 2008, and currently has strategically located and dedicated to cover all operations from the start of trading until the delivery of the goods at destination offices, ensuring that their product is expected.

Our vision is to become an essential tool for the growth and positioning of our customers worldwide, offering security, trust and confidence in their purchasing processes.

Our goal is to make you visible in China

We have presence in China, taking whole control and related management from Colombia.