international logistics operations


LOGISTICS IN ORIGIN: In this service we offer the opportunity to improve your internal processes in the country of origin by doing the following:

  • Place at your disposal our warehouses as a collection center for your purchases from one or several suppliers.
  • Physical and documental consolidation of your purchases; reducing their transport costs and nationalization: one invoice, one BL, one nationalization.
  • We carry out the process of exporting your EWX purchases.
  • We confirm with customs of destination if your purchase has any requirement of technical, phytosanitary or import license. 

NOTE: Service available in China (Ningbo) and South America.


INTERNATIONAL PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION: The best options in international freight transport, through and with the support of our strategic partners with an effective and agile coordination for your operations in an efficient way: 

  • MARITIME CARGO TRANSPORTATION: Import FCL (Full Container Load), LCL Import (Less than Container Load) / Loose Load, Consolidated own, Break Bulk for machinery or oversized, Urban transport for collections at origin and deliveries at destination, Combined transport, Control and monitoring
  • AIR TRANSPORTATION: Import & Air Export, Effective monitoring and control


NOTE: Service available to and from anywhere in the world.


LOGISTICS IN DESTINY: Counseling in operations of: 

  • MULTIMODAL TRANSPORTATION: Continuity of international transport trip with final destination in Free Trade Zones or Customs Warehouses without needing nationalization in port.
  • CUSTOMS AGENCY: Preparation, submission, acceptance and payment of Import Declarations, Control of required documentation, Tariff Classification, DTA Customs Transit Declaration, Nationalization of Cargo and Cargo Pre-Inspection
  • LOAD STORAGE: Storage in a simple warehouse, storage of already nationalized goods and Storage arriving at Free Zone in OTM.


NOTE: Service available in Colombia


Our goal

is to facilitate your purchase and transport operations from anywhere in the world in an agile and secure way