purchasing agency


In this service we search the product that meets the technical requirements and the quality requested by your company, together with our consultant team we investigate and negotiate the best alternative in logistics, quality and price. If your requirement involves more than one line of products or suppliers, we are able to unify your purchases, reducing the logistics cost and contributing competitiveness to your operations. By acting as your supplier, we transfer the payment of your orders to the manufacturers, keeping track of deliveries. If you do not have a Foreign Trade Department we are able to handle your door-to-door operation (DDP).

In general, the added values offered in this service are: Research and search for suppliers based on their requirements, Suppliers verification, Boarding and dispatch controls, Storage in our collection centers, Suppliers protection and Inspection of the order before dispatch.


NOTE : Service available in CHINA, USA, EUROPE and LATINAMERICA


Our goal

is to facilitate your purchase and transport operations from anywhere in the world in an agile and secure way