supplier verification and merchandise inspection


VERIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS: This service is offered in those operations in which SINOMAG does not act as purchasing agent. The objective is to provide security and tranquility to our customers at the time of doing business with new suppliers by offering the following services: 

  • Documentary verification: With this service we confirm the legal existence and documentary existence of the company; likewise the social object and location is verified.
  • Physical verification: In addition to the documentary verification, a visit is made to the company to verify the work plant and installed capacity.


MERCHANDISE INSPECTION: The purpose of this service is to verify that the order complies with what was agreed in the purchase order: quality, quantity and technical specifications; before your dispatch. Within this service there are 3 types of inspection: Inspection in the production process, Pre-shipment inspection and Inspection in container filling. 


                                                                                                              Note: Service available in CHINA, Europe and South America.


Our goal

is to facilitate your purchase and transport operations from anywhere in the world in an agile and secure way